2020 Walt Schneebeli Over 60 Cove results

August 15, 2020

Due to conditions beyond anyone’s control, Dolphin Club group swims have not been swum this year.  However, some members wanted to commemorate our older swimmers by doing some form of the yearly Walt Schneebeli Over 60 swim, so the instructions were:

‘Homage to Walt and Charlie and all… over60 swim, wherever you swim, post your Saturday swim photos,?routes, whatever!’

So, fifty-one over 60 swimmers swam a self-directed, socially distanced swim wherever they could, many photos posted, no times listed, just swim.  Many swam in and around Aquatic Cove, and some swam elsewhere.

Helpers are the list of people who participated in the email thread that set up the swim and that has the pictures posted. 

At the end of the list of who swam was the somewhat cryptic comment:

“Plus a dozen unsigned!”

Congratulations to all who participated


Tom Davis, Joe Gannon, Sue Garfield, John Ingle, Sybil Schulz, Diane Walton, Janice Wood

Walt Schneebeli Over 60 Swim
count f.name l.name
1 Jean Allan
2 Diana Anderson
3 Scott Anderson
4 Laura Atkins
5 Barry Baskin
6 Andrew Cassidy
7 Ken Coren
8 Duke Dahlin
9 John Davis
10 Thomas Davis
11 Rory Enke
12 Josiane Feigon
13 Nancy Friedman
14 Susan Garfield
15 Sharon Gross
16 Steve Hanson
17 Libbie Horn
18 Terry Horn
19 John Hornor
20 Nancy Hornor
21 Davis Ja
22 Holland Ja
23 Brian Kiernan
24 Aniko Kurczinak
25 Lolly Lewis
26 David Maloney
27 Andrea McHenry
28 Robert McKenzie
29 Celeste McMullin
30 Laura Merkl
31 Michaelynn Meyers
32 Rudeen Monte
33 Jon Nakamura
34 John Nestor
35 Emily Nogue
36 Hal Offen
37 Beth Ohanneson
38 Joseph Omran
39 Daragh Powers
40 Neal Powers
41 Holly Reed
42 Robin Rome
43 Julian Sapirstein
44 Suzanne Scott
45 Dave Stimson
46 Bob Tandler
47 Monica Towers
48 Claire Trepanier
49 Diane Walton
50 Linda Wilson
51 Janice Wood

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