Gashouse Cove Swim canceled

February 8, 2020

This year’s Gashouse Cove swim was canceled due to high winds and choppy water.  The swim was canceled only after 15 swimmers had checked in and some of the pilots.

No swim qualifications were awarded, although many who showed up to swim did venture into the cove.  The conditions were quite choppy, near the flag turning into substantial waves.  The water was high (the tide was flooding) and waves crashing into the Muni Pier and the Breakwater were kicking up huge sprays – which, some swimmers who ventured near the opening said, looked like sprays of rainbows.

The Swim Commissioners are grateful to all who showed up to work for the swim: the check-in group, the clothes wranglers, the timers, the galley workers, the clean-up crew and the pilots.  Since sign ups were stopped after the cancellation, only the check-in group, the galley and the clean-up crews were fully written down and credited with helps.  All others who were there ready to perform their chosen functions should contact Andrew Cassidy at to make sure that their name is added to the database.


Terry Horn, Steve Hanson, Thomas McCall, Margaret Keenan, Kathleen Sheridan, Tim Kreutzen, Jesse Pence, Julian Sapirstein, John Robiola, John Thorpe


Andrea Allen, Lindzy Bivings, Julia Brashares, Laura Burtch-Zovickian, Karin Christenson, Peter Cullinan, Lisa Domitrovich, Kathleen Duffy, Pauline Farmer-Koppenol, Susan Garfield, Scott Halsted, Duff Hearon, Justin Hughes, Tom Hunt, Erika Kettleson, Morgan Kulla, Helen McKinley, Nanda Palmieri, Erik Peterson, Derrick Rebello, George Robin, Phil Rollins, Denise Sauerteig, Donna Schumacher, P.J. Skarlanic, Andy Stone, John Thorpe, Crissa Williams, David Zovickian

Test swim:

Scott Cauchois , Janine Corcoran, Peter Cullinan, Erin Figel, Matthias Fore, Carolyn Hui, Anna Schatz, Tim Dumm, John Grunstad, Terry Horn, Tim Kreutzen, Sean Lavelle, Thomas McCall, Tom Neill, Nanda Palmieri, Jesse Pence, Stephen Schatz, Kathleen Sheridan, John Thorpe

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