2021 Thanksgiving Day Cove swim

November 25, 2021

The Thanksgiving Day was beautiful at the Dolphin Club with sunny but crisp chilled air and calm water in Aquatic Park.   The swimmers gathered mostly out on the dock where the sunlight reached and warmed them.  There were three courses that included:   Eppleton Hall and back; Flag and back; and a Cove.   A few swam the Eppleton, most went to the Flag, many took the cove, and one forgot to stop and swam a second Cove.  Several dozen Dolphins enjoyed the Thanksgiving day swim and row,  and there were many volunteer helpers and spectators.  Dolphins fully appreciated the saunas which were no longer limited to 4 people at a time.  Breakfast was Dolphin classic of fresh cornbread, oatmeal with maple syrup and other condiments, and plenty of hot drinks.  We all enjoyed a near normal morning. 

Swimmers, in alpha order:

Eliana Agudelo, Jana Ašenbrennerová, Lindzy Bivings, Bob Blum, Christophe Crombez, Joe Ferrero, Jim Frew, Michael Gorman, Lewis Haidt, Jeanne Hallacy, Ernst Halperin, David Holmes-Kinsella, Keith Howell, Cathy Huang, Phoebe Killea, Heather Kremer, Morgan Kulla, Aniko Kurczinak, Mickey Lavelle, Sean Lavelle, Ellen Lomonico, John Mattox, Grey McCune, Zack McCune, Kristofer Milonas, Neal Mirchandani, Kent Myers, Keith Nelson, Devan Nielsen, Era Osibe, Elizabeth Ozer, Will Powning, Cruz Ramirez, Denise Sauerteig, Kuldeep Singh, Arnie Thompson, Monica Towers, Spring Utting, James Ward, Dana Watt, Crissa Williams, Patrick Zubin


Peter Cullinan, Suzie Dods, Sam Ferguson, Sue Garfield, Tom Neill, Beth Stein, Andrew Stone, Elaine Van Vleck, Claire Wang

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