Gashouse Cove Swim

February 13, 2022

This year’s Gashouse Cove swim was swum in 3 heats with no more than 12 to a heat so that the number of people in the sauna would be spread out and minimized.  No times were captured, but the swim was a success: nice weather, a bit of a push from the flood, and smiles all around.  Thanks to all who participated, especially those in the test swim that helped make the decision to push the starts back by 15 minutes.

All swimmers including the test swimmers have completed one qualifying swim for the Golden Gate and Alcatraz swims.  Anyone who helped or piloted but does not show in the list below, please contact to get their credit.


Dean Badessa, Barry Baskin, Nancy Booth, Peter Cullinan, Jim Frew, Joe Gannon, Marlin Gilbert, John Haymaker, Kati Hopman, Morgan Kulla, Kerry LaBelle, Mickey Lavelle, Mark Lenz, Bianca Liederer, Kristofer Milonas, Neal Mirchandan, Devan Nielsen, Emily Nogue, David O’Reilly, Hal Offen, Lawrence Remstedt, Wafaa Sabil, Emily Silverman, Beth Stein, Don Thornburg, Michael Tschantz-Hahn, Mike Walsh, Dana Watt


Susan Allen, Holly Baskin, Natazha Bernie, Philip Chan, Thomas Davis, Jim Frew, Stuart Gannes, John Grunstad, Steve Hanson, Terry Horn, Diane Jackson, Margaret Keenan, Timothy Kreutzen, Kate Mapstone, Richard McClellan, Nanda Palmieri, Holly Reed, John Robiola, Gina Rus, William Schroeder, John Thorpe, Diane Walton, Madhuri Yechuri


Andrew Cassidy, Scott Cauchois, Cynthia Cristilli, Peter Cullinan, Lisa Domitrovich, Erin Gasser, Marlin Gilbert, Ann-Kathrin Koch, Helen McKinley, David O’Reilly, Jari Salomaa, Eric Shupert, Don Thornburg, Rebecca Wolski

Test Swim:

Karin Christenson, Charlie Cross, Kathleen Duffy, Amanda Ernzer, Steve Hanson, Brian Johnson, Julia Peterson, Will Powning, Holly Reed, Robin Rome, Farrah Spott, John Blackman, Peter Bostelmann, Jim Frew, Joe Gannon, Terry Horn, Tom McCall, Emily Silverman

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