2023 Walt Schneebeli Over 60 cove swim

May 27, 2023

A very relaxed swim for those of our older swimmers who enjoy swimming in the cove.  Anyone who swam or helped but does not show in the list below, please contact apcassidy@gmail.com to get their credit.


Robert Blum, Diane Campbell, Mary Cantini-Norkin, Jeffrey Citron, Eileen David, Norman Degelman, Anthony DuComb, Joe Ferrero, Phil Gaal, Joe Gannon, Susan Garfield, Sheila Gleeson, Suzanne Heim, Nancy Hornor, Heidi Howell, Keith Howell, Alice Jones, Kent Myers, Peter Neubauer, Will Powning, Gina Rus, Anne Sasaki, Diane Walton, Janice Wood


Cynthia Barnard, Ben Clark, Cort Eidem, Sheila Gleeson, John Lennox, Bobby Lu, Kent Myers, Derrick Rebello, Paul Wolf, Rosa Zapatero

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