First Annual Veterans Day Swim

November 11, 2023

This was our Inaugural Veterans Day Swim, and what a spectacular swim we had! The day was warm, windless, and clear. About 80 happy swimmers took part.  Our youngest swimmer was 7 years old, and to balance that out we also had many, many of our beloved Old Goats participate. The day was about joyous vibes to honor our veterans.  Several of our Dolphin veterans swam and others came out to support the event. I was told that our oldest veteran is Don Reid, who also showed up! 

Special thanks go to Duke Dahlin, Diane Walton, Ben Chun, Joni Beemsterboer, Diane Campbell and Dorian Dunne. These six provided planning guidance and strength every step of the way. And, then there was the beautiful voice of Diana Pray, John Hornor and his cornet, the amazing SF Fire Department with their Fire Boat water display, and, of course, all our hearty swimmers. THANKS, ALL!


67 swimmers checked in and were issued arm numbers.  They are, in alphabetical order:

Tamar               Besson

Aude                 Bouagnon

Julia                  Brashares

Kathy                Brody

Mary                 Cantini-Norkin

Jess                   Christine

Jeffrey               Citron

Phillip                Clark

Darcy                Cohn

Christophe        Crombez

Laura                 Croome

Peter                 Cullinan

Bevin                 Daniels

Leslie                Daniels

Anne                 Diedrich

Lisa                   Domitrovich

Anthony            DuComb

Johan                Duramy

Sherri                Eng

Elliot                 Evers

Phil                    Fernandez

Anne                 Hamersky

Steve                 Hanson

Pia                     Hinckle

John                  Hornor

Nancy               Hornor

Heidi                 Howell

Krist                  Jake

Beko                 Jang

Alisha                Kewalramani

Adrienne           Klein

Chloe                Klug

David                Klug

Christopher      Kocher

Heather            Kremer

Nancy               Lange

David                Maloney

Marla                McGowan

Robert              McKenzie

John                  Melcher

Nico                  Mervin

Shane                Mervin

Kent                  Myers

Tom                  Neill

Peter                 Neubauer

Dorothy            Niccolls

Devan               Nielsen

Chloe                Noonan

David                O’Reilly

Todd                 Oppenheimer

Rick                   Perez

Tony                  Phillips

Diana                Pray

Robin                Rome

Debra                Rose

Miranda            Rouse

Julian                Sapirstein

Donna               Schumacher

Brendan            Sheehan

Beth                  Stein

Arnie                 Thompson

Omer                Thompson

David                Ufferfilge

Kathy                Wallace

Diane                Walton

Jesse                 Wayne

Eric                    Wind

In addition, a number of swimmers arrived too late to be checked in, but swam anyway.  An incomplete list of them is:

Justine            Juson

Jeff                  Kennedy

Steve               Pratt

Stephen           Schatz

Daniel              Silva

Callen              Taylor

Mike Tschantz-Hahn


  1. RACE DIRECTORS: Duke Dahlin, Diane Campbell
  2. Co-Captains: Joni Beemsterboer & Dorian Dunne
  3. Signups: Lindsay Casablanca (paper) Diane Campbell (online)
  4. Promotion/Posters: Maryann Murphy & Ben Chun
  5. Courses: Beth Stein, Brian Kiernan, Jon Grunstad, Ben Chun
  6. Food: Susan Garfield, Justine Juson, Karin McClune, Ellen Boyle (SERC), Dorian Dunne
  7. Tributes: Steve Hanson & Julie Ask
  8. Registration & Check-in: Andrew Cassidy, Jeff Citron, Peter Cullinan, Claire Perry, Sona Sondhi
  9. Decorations: Sunny McKee, Bevin Daniels, Robin Hart, J Christine
  10. Swim Briefing & Starter: Ben Chun
  11. Safety/Emergency Plan: Vincent Huang & Cathy Huang
  12.  Pilots: Brian Kiernan, Kati Hopman, Ryan Hedum, Margaret Keenan, Susan Allen, Madhuri Yechuri, Sunny McKee, Raine O’Connor, Kristoffer Milonas, Cathy Huang, Vincent Huang, Era Osibe,  Eric Shackleford
  13.  Trinkets: Duke Dahlin
  14.  Finish Line Chute Build: Maeve Lavelle, Dorian Dunne, Joni Beemsterboer
  15. Finish Line Recorders: Janice Wood, Tom Hunt, Joni Beemsterboer, Mara Iaconi,
  16. Monica Towers, Dorian Dunne, Duke Dahlin
  17.  Clean-up: Marie Sayles, Jean Lamming, Paul (new member), Rick Perez, Dorian Dunne, Ellen Boyle (SERC)
  18.  Club Veteran Researcher/Outreach: Beth Stein & Diane Campbell
  19.  Ceremony: Duke Dahlin, Diane Campbell, Diane Walton, Diana Pray, John Hornor, David O’Reilly (Sound system & Fire Boat spotter)
  20.  Photographer: Jana Asenbrennerova
  21.  Dolphin Log/Dolphin Data Base: Andrew Cassidy
  22.  Fire Boat: SFFD
  23.  Consultants/Gophers/Cheerleaders: Duke Dahlin, Diane Walton, Tom Hunt, Andrew Cassidy, Sue Garfield, Ben Chun, Dorian Dunne, Brendan Sheehan, Tim McElligott, John Ingle, Nathaniel Berger, Margaret Keenan, Jeff Citron, Robin Rome, and Joni Beemsterboer.

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