Help us fund the New Coastal Quad!

Help the Dolphin Club Fund a Coastal Quad
and rejuvenate team rowing on SF Bay

The Dolphin Club has a rich history of rowing and racing four seat rowing boats. Over the last couple years, we’ve been trying to rejuvenate this sort of team rowing at the club. We’ve had a lot of success, but to keep it going, we really need a bigger boat.

We’d love your support towards the remaining $10k we need to pay for the new ‘Coastal Quad’. The new boat will be much more seaworthy, and more novice friendly than our current quad.

More importantly, it will help us develop a more robust rowing program at the club – which in turn should help to reinvigorate friendly adult rowing competition across the region. 

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Have you been out in the quad? Are you looking forward to going out in the new boat. Let others know what you think!
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If you'd like to make a donation by check, please reach out to John Robiola our Boat Captain, or send us an email