Swim Piloting

We welcome all boaters at the club to help support our larger club swims. These swims run throughout the year from notable destinations including Alcatraz, Bay Bridge and the Golden Gate.

A variety of watercraft are used to assure the safety and success of out-of-cove swims. These craft are referred to as pilot vessels and participation by members is an intrinsic part of the club life.

Kayak & Paddleboard Pilots

Kayakers are the eyes and ears of the swim. By staying close to swimmers, they can quickly call for assistance from motorized craft. 

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Rower Pilots

Our wooden whitehalls and Liteboats help form a perimeter around group swims, and are able to reposition swimmers quickly when needed.  

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Motorized Pilots

Motorized inflatable boats are used to shuttle swimmers, intercept other vessels, and provide quick rescue and transport to shore when needed. 

Become a Motorized Pilot


Club Resourced Independent Bay Swims (CRIBS) is the term we use for independent swims outside our standard swim boundaries. Independent swims require a 1:1 pilot-swimmer ratio. Any member can plan an independent swim, but to find willing pilots, it helps to have helped others first. 

Become a pilot and you’ll open a path to bigger and more adventurous swims.