We are planning a big renovation of the old boathouse, including building a new foundation for the gym and galley, renovating the galley and updating the infrastructure of the building. Our focus at this stage is to finalize the site permit, which will allow the DC to proceed within these parameters to develop a final design for permitting and budgeting. The final scope of work will be driven by our fundraising ability and the community priorities as expressed by the membership. Until we develop a consensus on the design and scope of work, we will be unable to determine workable budgets, alternatives, and schedules.

Get Involved

To inform our decision making process, we would love to include your thoughts and ideas about the latest renovation plans shown above.

To learn more about plans to renovate the building at 502 Jefferson Street click HERE and check out the links below:
 Here are a few questions for you to reflect on:
  • What aspect(s) of this project have the greatest appeal?
  • What areas, as we move forward, would you like to emphasize or change?
  • What concerns do you have, or what aspects of the design to date would you like more clear information on?
  • What other comments do you have?
Send your input and insights to the DC Renovation Project Committee at

Let’s Get the Job Done!

The costs are substantial and we are asking you to kindly contribute to the upkeep and renovation of this beloved and historic boathouse. Donate to the effort at The Dolphin Swimming and Boating Foundation.