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Motor Boat Operation

General guidance on operating the motor boats…

Watch out for swimmers!

Keep downwind of swimmers. Avoid covering them in fumes, also reduces the risk of being blown onto them 

Engine into neutral around swimmers. Announce to all when you’re moving in and out of gear, so they know it’s safe.


  • Practice steering from both sides of the boat.  In a tense situation, you might mistakenly accelerate when you need to stop. Practice makes these motions automatic. 
  • Quick acceleration can pop the boat up in the air. Let the boat work it’s way up on a plane
  • Stop turn to avoid bringing water over the transom.

Role of passenger / pilot

Use of the bailer plug when you’re moving to remove water from the boat

Practice maneuvering by picking trash up from the bay. 

Be careful if motoring close to shore. Risk of hitting bottom, sucking sand into the impeller. 

Handling waves