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Rowing at Lake Merced

When a member is interested in using equipment at the lake, they should contact the Lake Rowing Commissioner for an orientation. 

Before a key is given to a member, the Commissioner needs to observe the member removing a boat from the storage area, putting it into the water, getting into the boat, rowing it down the lake, taking it out, cleaning it up, and placing it back in the storage area.  

The Fleet

The club operates six rowing shells at the lake. Four singles and two doubles. Other private boats are stored in the the boathouse. These boats are not for members to use. 

Whether for recreational rowing or training or practice regattas, use of equipment is determined on a first-come first-served basis.  If two or more qualified members wish to use the same piece or equipment, please limit use to 45 minutes, then yield use of the equipment to the party next in order.

Equipment may be reserved in advance for use of a specific member of crew for a specific event such as a regatta.  The Lake Rowing Commissioner coordinates such reservations.   The purpose of this time period is to allow a crew to make their preparations assured of having a boat to use.

The Club takes care of normal wear and tear of the equipment; the user is responsible for costs of damage due to negligence.

Launching / Cleanup

If equipment is too big, too heavy, too awkward, or if it is too windy to carry a boat alone, ask for help. 

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Lake Rules

Row in the lake in a counter-clockwise direction so as to minimize the possibility of collisions.  Every member has the responsibility for safety while using the facility and the Lake.  Look around frequently and assume that no one else is looking. Do not row if it is too dark to see or if visibility is not good.  

Storing Your Own Boat

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