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Bay SafetyRisk Mitigation

Preparation and Risk Mitigation

If you row or paddle often enough on the Bay, eventually something will go wrong. The key is anticipating problems, thinking about how you can prevent them, and knowing how to handle them.

As part of your certification outing. You will need to plan your trip. You should think ahead about what problems might arise, how you can avoid them, and what you might do if they did happen.

Here are some problems that have happened in the past. How would you handle them?

ProblemHow can you Mitigate?Action if it Happens
Bumping into a swimmer
Hard landing at the dock in a wooden boat
Capsize and your kayak blows away from you
Current sweeps you under a pier or pilings
Fog comes down while you’re at Alcatraz
Wind comes up while you’re out at Angel Island
Current too strong to row against to get home.
Big ship heading straight towards you
Capsize (or fall out of boat) in winter
Oar / Paddle breaks on the water
Boat breaks in half while you’re rowing in the middle of the Bay

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