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Boating Rules

We want you to get out on the water and have fun, but please do so safely and responsibly. Please abide by the following rules:

  1. Boats may only be used by qualified members.
    This includes kayaks and SUPs. Qualified means you’ve taken an orientation at the club on the type of craft you wish to use. Member means you’re a member.  For friends, visitors and guests, read Guests in Boats.
  2. All boaters must be a current member of US Rowing.
    This includes for SUPs and Kayaks. Membership ensures that both you and the club are covered by insurance. It costs only $25/year and it is quick and easy to join. Go to  Our club code is FM7HD
  3. Always sign in and out in the log book.  
    Before use, inspect the boat for damage. On return, clean the boat thoroughly and note any problems or damage that occurred.

  4. Be Prudent
    Boats should not be launched in winds over 15kts, or taken west of the Golden Gate Bridge, or be out after dark without permission from the Boat Captain.
  5. Club Events Have Priority
    Dolphin Club boats may be reserved for pilot service during Dolphin Club scheduled swims, for rowing regattas and club-organized events.
  6. Don’t Assist External Events
    Dolphin Club boats and property may not be used to assist third-party swims or triathlons. Only Dolphin Club or South End Club events.