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Motorized TrainingSmall Inflatables (ABs)

ABs (Small Inflatables)

Here are  the AB Manuals


  • Boat inflated to proper pressure (inflate from stern towards the bow) ?
  • Bailer plug in place
  • Friction ring disengaged
  • Weights in front to help manage balancing the boat.


Only roll the dolly on level surfaces

  • Roll AB to pier, then onto apron
  • Remove AB from dolly gently
  • Lower apron, launch AB
  • Tie off AB

Starting the Boat

  • Lower motor
  • Prime pump
  • Choke
  • Fuel Tank Vent Open. 
  • Start engine

Once running, check

  • Water cooled engine….  Ensure it is spitting water
  • Green oil light on
  • Push choke in before departing dock (brings idle back down)
  • Put stop-engine lanyard on

Docking & Retrieval

  • Engine up
  • Pull boat onto ramp
  • Raise ramp
  • Lift bow onto the dolly
  • Pull drain plug & drain. 

<< Pictures of how to do this singlehanded? >> 

Cleanup & Return

  • Put engine down
  • Disconnect the fuel line
  • Install rabbit ears to hose and then to bottom of engine
  • Turn on the water
  • Start the engine
  • Ensure engine is spitting water
  • Once engine stops disconnect the rabbit ears and raise engine
  • Wash engine and the boat inside and outside with fresh water
  • Drain inside of boat through rear plug
  • Lift and secure front storage hatch
  • Move back into rescue shed