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Guests in Boats

As a rule, guests are not allowed to operate our boats. This includes paddle-boards, kayaks, motorized and rowing craft.

You may bring a guest with you under the following exceptions:

  • Passenger in a Whitehall
    If you are a a certified rower, you may bring a guest out as a passenger in a rowboat at any time. The guest should still sign the Dolphin Club guest waiver and pay the $10 day use fee.
  • Second Seat in a Double (with approval)
    Guests should generally not row the boats. However, exceptions can be made for experienced rowers to go with a certified rower in a double. This exception is intended to allow you to take out visitors from out-of-town, or your own friends who have prior rowing experience. It’s not available as a recurring privilege for the guest. Approval is required from the Boat Captain in advance.

For permission to take a guest out rowing in a double, please email our Boat Captain